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They are familiar to  everyone, you hear them on a regular basis;  we refer to them as excuses.   When you don’t want to do something you justify your actions by using an excuse.  Usually they are kept deep in our heart and they can retrieved at a moment’s notice.
Unfortunately excuses don’t come with warning labels;  when they are used excuses have a tendency to make us lazy and indifferent.  Excuses tend to become crutches which cause us to have a misplaced sense of priorities.
Excuses are lies wrapped up in reasons.  At the end of the day excuses will hinder your spiritual growth and keep you in bondage.  When you allow excuses to guide you through life you are being robbed of untold blessings that you would have otherwise enjoyed by accepting the challenges afforded you.  Your excuses may soothe your conscience today but someday you will have the God of heaven and earth and you will not be judged by your excuses but by our actions.
Make excuses or make changes. God will provide us with the strength and courage we need to serve others and do His will. 
I remain our brother, friend and fellow servant,
Bobby L. South
      3 John 2 




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