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“The Purpose Of Life Is Not To Be Happy. It Is To Be Useful, To Be Honorable, to Be Compassionate, To Have It Make Some Difference that You Have Lived And Lived Well.”   (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Some are convinced the purpose of life is happiness. They live for the moment and thus do only the things that bring them gratification and pleasure.  In reality they are thinking only of themselves.  True happiness comes to those who are useful to others.  Due to the contents of their heart they are filled with compassion for others; their actions are governed by their devotion to God and love for their fellowman.
Christians must take the mantle of servanthood and touch those around them with acts of kindness and mercy.  These qualities make a difference.  True happiness comes to those who serve; don’t settle for a mediocre existence.  Make your life count!
I am looking forward to seeing you Sunday morning for Bible class and worship and praise.  Have a good day don’t forget to thank God for His
many blessings.
     I remain your brother, friend and fellow servant,
Bobby L. South
3 John 2


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