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As you know we have mailed out a paper bulletin to all of our members and past members for many years now.    When we began to do this it was what we believed was the most effective and cost efficient way to keep everyone up to date with what we are doing as a church.    As time has gone on and technology has changed this is no longer true.    We currently mail out over 191 bulletins per week at an increasing cost.   With the cost of paper, postage, and printing our weekly bulletin has become quite a monthly expense.   As we consider this issue we must also take notice of the fact that we live in an age where the same information can be shared electronically through email for free and most members have the availability to receive the bulletin electronically and print it if desired.    This is why we are seriously considering transitioning to an electronic bulletin for all of those who are able to receive it electronically.    We are still willing to mail bulletins to members who would prefer that method, we don’t want anyone to feel left out or left behind.    However if most of us can make this transition we believe that it would be a wise financial decisions as well as improve our congregational communication as a whole.    If you would like to continue to receive a paper bulletin please call the church office at 384-3229 or send your email address to  linda96south@yahoo.com


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