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They were good men; seasoned, tried and tested.   Jesus knew they would have an impact on the world by sharing the gospel and leading the church through perilous times.   Each came from a different background and had a distinct personality yet they had one thing in common; they were human.   They struggled with humility.   On several occasions they questioned the Savior about who would be the greatest in the Kingdom.   Over and again Jesus taught that greatness in the kingdom isn’t about power and authority; it’s about service to others.
Two thousand years later the same challenge exists;  we crave recognition, some have the need for power while others seek to have their way.   In reality it’s not about being first or being heard.   You can make a difference today by working behind the scenes.   When you serve others and reach out to those who cannot help themselves; then will discover that you will bless others and you will receive a tremendous blessing in return. 
It’s about sharing with others, bearing the burdens of the less fortunate, going the extra mile and letting your light shine for Christ.   Roll up your sleeves, and forget ahead by doing random acts of kindness.   It’s about service and devotion to your fellowman;  get out of the way and allow Him to open doors of opportunity for you to  minister to others. 
Bobby L. South
      3 John 2 


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