Jasper Church of Christ
Family History
1914 - 2013
The Jasper Church of Christ had its beginnings in 1914 with a small number of families, meeting in East Jasper. Practicing the same things as the first church after Pentecost. They met in a one - room schoolhouse located on what is now McQueen Street.

In 1937, several people started meeting the courthouse using the name Church of Christ. The same time, about 35 people were meeting as the First Christian Church in a tabernacle on north Main Street.

In the spring of 1938, C. M. Pullius held a Gospel Meeting in the tabernacle and taught from Ephesians 4:4 (one body - one hope). The result of this teaching was that all began to meet under the name of the Church of Christ on North Main Street, Jasper.

In September 1938, Brother John Stevens was   selected as the first full-time preacher. He stayed four years. The first elders were Dr. E. W. Chaney, C. P. Pilgrim, Abe Choate and Leo Overturf. Around 1940, the tabernacle was torn down and a red brick building was erected in its place (now occupied by Beard’s Office Equipment). By 1960, this building was too small; and, under the directions of the elders J. A. Ruggles, H. V. Hendry, C. E. Groves, C. P. Pilgram and Rebel Williams, a new building was erected on highway 96 South and the Christians in Jasper moved into this beautiful new facility in march 1961. Membership has steadily grown from the small number in 1914.

A Christian Service Center (CSC) was dedicated on March 18 1990. This addition on the back of the church property was designed for fellowship, activities and community outreach and is being used and enjoyed by the entire congregation. This facility was made possible primarily through gift donations of former members of the Jasper family.

There have been 18 full time preachers for the Church of Christ in Jasper, Including John Stevens, Floyd Embry, Bill Nichols, S. A. Freeman, Sammie Swim, Murphy McNeil, Norman Sterling, J. A. Fry, Victor Sellers, A. A. Berryman, Cameron McKinnon, Earl Prater, Hank Tankersley, Richard Hale, Ray Wells, Gene Wood, Joe Hailey, and our current minister Bobby South. There have been six Youth Ministers: David Barham, Paul Landis Jr., David Bryant, Joel Burns, Matt Wilson, and Chad Savage.

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